Recently I became a nana for the first time when my eldest daughter had a beautiful boy, Connor. He’s the cutest little thing you will ever see. (I’m not biased).

All the while I’m loving this new stage in my life, I can’t help but think how excited my mum would be. I lost her suddenly and all too young not that long ago.

Mum would get excited when she talked about seeing her grandchildren marry and how she would make the dresses and she longed so much to become a great grandmother. But she never made it, passing shortly before our first daughter became engaged. Since her passing, my brother and his wife had twins, the two eldest grandchildren (our daughters) have both married and our eldest has a new baby boy. These were the things that she lived for and sadly missed.

Mum was a beautiful person, a very proud grandmother and a fantastic dressmaker. She spent most of her waking hours sitting at her Janome whipping out a new creation or doing alterations for her many clients and making costumes for the local dance school where our daughters attended.

I inherited my mother’s beloved Janome sewing machine, an overlocker and her passion for dressmaking. When my second daughter got engaged, she asked if I would make her wedding dress. After a few panicky moments I agreed and some 6 months later I watched proudly as she walked down the aisle wearing the dress I had made.

I decided I wanted to put my skills to better use and thought I might start a little business. I discussed the idea with my family who were all super supportive. Suddenly what originally started out as me making a few bibs to sell at markets became a full-blown online store. Luckily, I have a husband in IT and daughter’s that are great at business and marketing. I’m happy just doing the sewing.

To me, family is everything.

My name is Leanne, to my grandson (even though he can’t talk yet) I am Nana Lee and I would like to dedicate my business Nana Lee to my mum.

Welcome to Nana Lee


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